How It works

You can only view advert details on current auctions after you’ve registered with Auction My Waste.


  1. Complete our registration form, a £10 per month subscription is required to validate your waste carriers license & activate your account, terms and conditions apply. This renews automatically every month. Your payment date will be visible on your dashboard under the settings tab.
  2. Browse the current auctions. Choose 'bid to charge and collect' OR ‘bid to buy and collect’ (if the waste has a value to you). Submitted bids will alert the advertiser via a notification.
  3. As the successful bidder you will be required to pay 5% commission on the accepted bid value, this will then release the advertiser's full contact details to you. 


Step 1

Complete our registration form.

Register Now

Step 2

Create your advert. Specify whether you’re commercial or domestic and complete all fields including:

  • Waste type, size and weight
  • Preferred collection day, time and location
  • Access limitations.

Add a description of your waste with up to 10 images. Avoid mixing waste types (ie, liquids with timber) as they may have different disposal processes requiring different carriers.

Step 3

Submit your advert. A £1.25 fee is applicable per advert. The advert will be published on completion of payment.

Step 4

Monitor your ad using the ‘manage ads’ section and notifications. Adverts have a 30-day lifespan. After 23 days you’ll receive notification that you have 7 days left to accept a bid.

For data protection purposes, only the town and first part of the postcode will appear to bidders.

Did You Know

Households produce around 30 million tonnes of waste each year, with only 17 per cent of it actually recycled Let's work together to do better!