Hazardous Waste Disposal and Removal

When it comes to waste there is none more important than hazardous waste when it comes to considering your disposal and removal options. Government directives dictate that the management of hazardous waste materials are dealt with in a specific manner.

At Auction My Waste you will gain access to a variety of waste providers that are bound by law to provide safe means for the removal of your waste. As someone who has waste that could be determined hazardous then you have a duty of care to deal with such waste in a manner that is appropriate.

hazardous waste removal

What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste can come in a variety of types and with the evolution of manufacturing technology it is perhaps not surprising that new types of waste are being added to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) and being classified as hazardous each and every month.

On a simple level, any waste that could be construed as being harmful to life or to the environment is highly likely to be classified as hazardous.

Everyday items such as aerosols, batteries and solvents are commonly found in households and businesses. Asbestos, pesticides, oils and chemicals also fall under this classification and are commonly disposed of from domestic, industrial and commercial settings.

If you are unsure about your waste then you should check the EWC to see if you can find the waste classification code for it.


Does Your Business Produce Hazardous Waste?

As a business that produces waste that is hazardous, you will most likely already be aware of your obligations. The following requirements must be followed if your business produces hazardous waste, stores it or keeps it on site or has it collected and transported away from the premises.

If the above applies to your business then you must start by classifying your waste. If it is hazardous then you should ensure it is stored safely and separately to non-hazardous waste. When arranging for hazardous waste collection and/or disposal you should only use companies that are authorised and registered to do so.

It is your responsibility to ensure you fill out the consignment note (the section that applies to you) and you should retain a copy of this for your records for at least 3 years on site.


Next Steps

Perhaps you are a business looking to dispose of your hazardous waste or you have domestic waste that you need collecting.

Either way, Auction My Waste can help you find an appropriate waste collection company to remove your hazardous materials.

Simply sign up and list your waste today.

hazardous waste removal

Did You Know

Households produce around 30 million tonnes of waste each year, with only 17 per cent of it actually recycled Let's work together to do better!