Frequently Asked Questions

As an advertiser can I accept more than one bid ?

When the auction is open, the advertiser can accept multiple bids and bidders will receive email notification to advise that their bid has been accepted. 

At the point of a bid being accepted and commission is paid the auction is then closed to any further bidders. However, a bidder who has received an accepted email can still choose to pay commission to obtain advertisers contact details.

The decision as to which bidder removes the waste is at the discretion of the advertiser.



Missing an email from Auction My Waste?

You may wish to add '' to your address book or list of approved senders, so that our emails do not get treated as spam.

What if I forget my password?
When you try to log in, the website will give you the option to reset your password should you need to.
How do I choose which bid to accept?
This is a matter for you to decide but life’s experience would suggest that cheapest isn’t always the best choice & highest price isn’t always an indication of quality.
What happens if the waste collector doesn’t turn up?

The waste disposal companies are all licensed waste carriers who operate professionally, contact details will of been provided at the point of collection being arranged.

Once the auction has closed the advertiser and bidder will liaise with each other, Auction My Waste will have no further involvement.



What happens if there is a dispute over the charge/payment at point of collection?

The bid price accepted is an agreement between the advertiser & the bidder based on the description/images within the advertisement, at the point of collection the charge/payment can be modified to suit both parties where necessary.

What happens if I’m not sure which is the right category for my waste or I don’t know the weight etc?

We suggest you add 'unknown' in any sections where you're unsure. This is why including images with your advert is so important.

The waste disposal company will be able to advise at point of collection should there be any concerns.

Why can't I advertise now that I am registered to bid?
You can register to advertise and also to bid, you will need to use a different email address for each type of account to avoid confusion between advertisers and bidders.

Did You Know

Households produce around 30 million tonnes of waste each year, with only 17 per cent of it actually recycled Let's work together to do better!